CD1 = 25 Integrated Elementary Lesson Plans

I WANT TO SHARE THIS EXPERIENCE WITH YOU! I wrote 25 complete PROFESSIONAL LESSON PLANS ON A CD! Pop in the CD and everything is there, ready to teach!


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The lessons are organized by grade level and written on an Integrated Lesson Template which includes:

CD1 The Lesson Plans

Grade 1
* Bunny Cakes - Active Listening and sequencing
* Compare and Contrast with Daisy and Ping
* Strega Nona Character Web
* What is That Called? Proper terms of computer hardware
* What is in This Library Anyways? A to Z in the Library

Grade 2
* I am an Index! Learning an "Index" rap and using an Index.
* Who are You? Writing buddy biographies and using WORD
* Do I know my Computer? Computer parts drag and drop quiz (online)
* Let's play "Typos" - a modified Bingo game
* Simple Machines - a collaborative project

Grade 3
* All Fingers on Deck! - proper hand position and correct fingering activity
* Alphaboxes with Rumpelstiltskin
* Elements of a Folktale
* Ooh! La! La! Cinquain poetry!
* Story Pyramid with The Rough Face Girl

Grade 4
* I Didn't Know That! Using the Almanac
* Fables - Old and New
* That's Capital! A City Report Using Wikipedia
* Evaluating a Website
* Techno Terms Researching terms online

Grade 5
* Stamps are Exciting! Researching archived stamps online and WORD
* Pets Galore! Using EXCEL and making a colored chart
* Now I Know! WORD icons and what they mean Online and WORD
* The Thesaurus meets Mother Goose Online and WORD
* Elements of Folktales with How the Rabbit Lost his Tail

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